The thing about the Baked Alaska part of last episode’s GBBO is that Iain’s was out of the freezer for 30 seconds of camera time

That doesn’t even count to how long in actual time that the Baked Alaska was out of the freezer

Camera time / = / actual time, because of editing

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autvengers said: My parents did--I was in 4H and won a trip for competition pretty much every year (special interest at the time was needle arts/crochet) and my mom has this whole "well I never got to go to state when I was in 4H so you have to take every trip offered" thing, and needle arts judging is at like 7 in the morning so we would have to be up and going by 5, and then stayed there until 7 or 8 at night with another 2 hour drive home. Plus stress bc judging, and yeah. Sorta sucked.

On a related note, if you do go and go to the 4H building, and see a bunch of kids sitting at tables with like 1 adult per table, pray to every deity you can think of regardless of beliefs because that is 4H conference judging and it is FUCKING TERRIFYING.

Omg, that sounds awful. Why would any judging start that early just whyyyyyy D:

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autvengers said: My knee-jerk reaction is "no, probably you don't want to" but I got dragged there every year in high school for 16+ hour days and it was miserable, so may be biased. There's a LOT of people there though.

Oh yeah, I know of the masses of people. Difficult to walk around without bumping into someone.

My boyfriend hasn’t been to the MN fair though (he’s originally from MI) - and he started to like the idea of going when I said we could stop by the rides. Well, he would. I’d stand off to the sides and watch him like the trophy boyfriend I am.

Why did your high school drag you there though?

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So happy to have the next 2 days off omg

But do I have the energy to go to the great Minnesota get-together ?

On the one hand, I won’t have to deal with people

On the other hand, I can have a date with my boyfriend plus SWEET MARTHA’S COOKIES

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The Great British Bake Off: a summary

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As mentioned in the interview, John Finnemore has a new show coming up!

Six standalone episodes, they are six half hour comedy plays with a different cast and a different setting.

He will be acting in some of them; he’ll be the star in one, have a supporting role in a couple, just one line in a couple and not be in one or two.

It will be directed by David Tyler from Pozzitive again, and will come out next year.

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Interview with John Finnemore, star and writer of Cabin Pressure.

In Italy we talked to him about Zurich, new upcoming shows and his favorite Cabin Pressure moment.

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Headcanon: Sherlock hates the smell of the new crisp dollar bills straight from the bank. They remind Sherlock of the paper his father used at his office in London - a resurfacing memory he’d rather forget. Sherlock would go to the newest convenience store or gas station to change his newer bills for older ones. Sherlock doesn’t mind the smell of the older dollar bills. Sherlock is also very aware of the looks the employees give him at that particular request.

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CW: Past self-harm mention


I didn’t realize until last night that I completely forgot about my two year mark from when I last self-harmed (24 Aug 2012)

So yay me for getting to this milestone

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Doctor Who: The Story of Martha

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Well I actually made it ages ago, but youtube was being a butt and not letting me upload it. Now that I’ve finally triumphed, enjoy a crack full of funny, and feels which you may slap me for.

Here are the previous four for your enjoyment (I won’t upload them onto my blog, but feel free to post them onto tumblr if you want, but please put credit where needed) :)

Warnings: sexual references, blood, autopsy, SLENDERMAN, injuries, hospital, violence, drugs, foul language, guns, and brotherly feels (for those who don’t like mycroft) [I don’t know how the tumblr warning system works, so feel free to add your own, or even take away the silly ones]

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I won’t be on for much longer this morning, so katasstrophee I’ll watch your new video either later today or tomorrow at some point

(And I’m looking forward to it; I’m just tired and sore from work)

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The many expressions of Sherlock Holmes

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Natalie Dormer and Katie Mcgrath are doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge(x)

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