Autistic!Sherlock in Elementary: S2E2 - “Solve For X”


"I am an expert on poisons, Watson. I know virtually everything there is to know about them. But I’ve come to learn over the past few years, that there is nothing on this planet quite so toxic as guilt." - Sherlock

  • Social niceties (or lack thereof): Sherlock “confuses” Bell for Bella in a text he received in order to convince himself that he’s needed at the crime scene. Sherlock then asks Marcus if his methods have helped Marcus in any way. Marcus replies in a deadpan that the department was thinking of quitting before Sherlock came along.
  • Hyperfocus and deduction: Sherlock sniffs the wall of Felix Soto’s home, and recognizes the smell as cam phosphor (an ingredient in a type of invisible ink), because it smelt like burnt matchsticks. Later on, when Sherlock confronts Joan about visiting Gerald Castoro’s grave, her former patient, says that the smell of carnations on her sleeves gave her away.
  • Need for companionship: Sherlock infodumps to Joan about Harlan Emple, and the mathematical model Harlan came up with regarding crime in 1999; they’ve been communicating ever since.
  • Sensory issues: Sherlock won’t go jogging with Joan because, “the river smells like rancid cod”.
  • A study in Sherlock’s birth: One of the tattoos he has, located on his lower abdomen, is the symbol of the Scorpio zodiac sign. It’s important to mention that all the tattoos featured on Sherlock’s body are genuinely those of the actor who plays him (who is a Scorpio) - and that we shouldn’t equate the actor to the character, and vice versa. Setting that aside, since it is a tattoo on Sherlock’s body, one could make an observation as to when Sherlock’s potential birthday is (and is unrelated to Sherlock being Autistic). Leslie Klinger places Doylean Sherlock’s birthday as 6th January in his annotated Sherlock Holmes edition. Since the Scorpio tattoo conflicts with Klinger’s date, which should the audience believe? If the Scorpio tattoo is meant to signify Sherlock’s own birth placement, then he would not have been born in January. Could he have gotten the tattoo in memory of another? It’s not impossible. One could have a theory that Klinger’s date is correct, and that the Scorpio tattoo is in memory of Sherlock’s mother, a character not yet introduced in Elementary canon.
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Elementary won the award for Drama Series Multi-Episode Storyline – Substance Use at the 18th PRISM Awards!  Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller were also nominated for their performances.


Elementary won the award for Drama Series Multi-Episode Storyline – Substance Use at the 18th PRISM Awards!  Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller were also nominated for their performances.

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle named so many characters James.
James was his go to name like really he named Moriarty’s brother James.
Let me rephrase that, he named James Moriarty’s brother James Moriarty.

He really gave zero fucks

In The Man With The Twisted Lip, Mary called John ‘James’. 

Are you fucking kidding me

ACD gave less fucks than you do

It’s always adorable when someone else figures out how very little Doyle cared about Sherlock Holmes.

Snakes drink milk, right? Whatever. Watson got married in … 1888. Or 1889. Or maybe 1887. Who cares. Mary Morstan was an orphan who spent a lot of time visiting her mother. Does Holmes laugh a) frequently b) infrequently c) only when he’s caught a criminal d) all of the above? Who cares, we’re on deadline and I’m broke. One story takes place both in the middle of summer and in October.

Does Holmes know about anything non-essential to his work? No. Does he know the Polyphonic Motets of Lassus and spend his free time deciphering medieval palimpsests? Yes. In Study in Scarlet he doesn’t know who Thomas Carlyle is and in the Sign of Four he quotes him.

And this still led to the first modern fandom and over a century of extremely devoted readers.

Some of the devotion is because it’s confusing - people have spent way too much time trying to come up with chronologies (summarized by the amazing spacefall here). Maybe universes with more flaws naturally attract more fans, because there’s more room for interpretation and addition and filling in the gaps. It seems to work for Star Trek and the X Files and Harry Pottter. (And Greek mythology, if we want to talk about non-modern fandoms)

It should be maddening, but it really isn’t - it feels like opportunity. I really love the contradiction here, both the tiny contradictions within canon that make everything more interesting, and the larger contradiction of a character disliked by his creator but so brilliantly drawn. It makes one feel as if the reason everything works so well regardless is due to some actual animating spirit from the characters themselves. Sherlock Holmes is certainly more real to most people now than anyone who was actually alive at the time.

Or possibly I’m a little overly spiritual from lack of sleep. But I find it wonderful for some reason that 100 years after Doyle gave us that utterly indifferent permission we’re still marrying him, murdering him, and doing anything we like to him.

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This poem is specifically about Sherlock Holmes, and is the second (out of three) to be featured in Barking Sycamores this month.


Elementary 2x21  - The Man with the Twisted Lip 

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Elementary 2x21  - The Man with the Twisted Lip 

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Autistic!Sherlock in Elementary: S2E1 - “Step Nine”


"I’m a different man now, Watson. It’s a different city. London is always a different city." - Sherlock

"Sherlock is addicted to being himself." - Mycroft

  • Shutdown: Sherlock mentions being in a “trance” during his support meeting to Joan. Considering that the last few times Sherlock had a shutdown (at the beginning of their acquaintanceship), Joan threatened him, it’s safe to say that she wasn’t with him during the meeting. Otherwise, he would have relied on finger stims to get through the stresses of the support meeting.
  • Sherlock’s idea of a compliment: “You’ve been tending to your self defense. Well done” [to Joan].
  • Sherlock’s idea of a compliment: “When it came to those at Scotland Yard who agreed to work with me, he was the best of a bad bunch… We were never really that close, despite the fact that as a detective, he was utterly adequate” [in regards to Lestrade].
  • Social niceties (or lack thereof): Sherlock’s extreme discrimination against fat people appears more than once. He uses it as a reason why Joan should accompany him to London (his fear that he would have to sit next to a fat person, or a child, on the plane). He also introduces Mycroft to Joan as, “Fatty”, insinuating that Mycroft’s prior weight was to be ashamed of. Later on, Sherlock says that if Joan and Mycroft were to sleep together, then it would be a “transference”, since Sherlock set clear boundaries that the partnership between himself and Joan would not be a sexual one. The only boundaries he is concerned with at this point are his own, which is a character flaw that at some points seems to improve, but then return to its former state.
  • A study in Sherlock’s childhood: Sherlock tells Joan that he and Mycroft went to separate boarding schools. This could be because of the age difference (which would fit Doylean canon). It could be because Sherlock may have needed to go to a school specifically for disabled students at some point. It is another aspect of his early life that so far has barely been explored.
  • Hyperfocus: The smell of the 3D printed bullet at Nicholas Ginn’s home led to Sherlock smelling the apple on the table.
  • Genetics: The rapprochement of the Holmes brothers in the final scene together, the destroying of Sherlock’s things from 221B, makes Sherlock realize just how alike they might be, despite his earlier statement, “our relationship is entirely genetic”. While it is within the personal opinion of the mod that this adaptation of Mycroft is not Autistic (which you may disagree with), it certainly brings up the question of how complementary the Holmes’ respective neurotypes are. Or, at least, how both brothers’ stubbornness and prior inability to communicate with each other led to the explosion. “Art in the blood… it takes the strangest forms”.
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